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Johannesburg Student Life


Johannesburg is a buzzing hub of creativity and activity. The many universities in the area, and the thousands of students that attend them, have created an environment in and around Jo’burg, that is both exciting and enriching for those who explore all that Jo’burg has to offer. Swanage, being ideally located not only to the local hospitals preferred by the University Medical Schools, but also to some of the most attractive student activities in Johannesburg.

Things to do in Jo’burg

There are so many attractions in Johannesburg that students will struggle to find the time to explore everything. Below are some of the highlights that every person should experience before returning home.

Neighbourgoods Market

Neighbourgoods Market

The Neighbourgoods Market is a thriving hub of specialty foods, local and student art, craft beers, local live bands, and high energy social interaction. The Market takes place in an empty, multi-level parking garage in Johannesburg city and is packed with students and independent vendors. Get there early on a Saturday and expect the market to get packed with cheerful people.

Jozi Zoo

Johannesburg Zoo

The Johannesburg Zoo is an 55-hectare zoo in Jo’burg, South Africa. The zoo is dedicated to the accommodation, enrichment, husbandry, and medical care of wild animals, and houses about 2000 individuals of 320 different species. Students at Swanage are encouraged to explore this beautiful zoo.

Arts on Main

Arts on Main

Arts on Main is a creative hub in Jo’burg’s arts-gentrified urban neighborhood, the Maboneng Precinct. The area consists of artists’ studios, galleries, eateries, and other various spaces, offering visitors a range of events, arts and merchandise. It is a unique environment for the city’s creative community to develop and share ideas and engage in multiple innovative experiences in one venue.

“Once a swan, always a swan!”

My experience living here at Alan’s house has been so much fun and I have felt truly welcome. Alan opens his home to us all with a big hug and an open heart. His philosophy is all about making you feel a part of the swan family.
His LK (local knowledge) lets you experience the beauty and wildness of South Africa like a native. Not to mention he is a Park Ranger himself!!!
Once a swan, always a swan! Thank you Alan!
With love Vidhya



Healthy Lifestyle

For those health conscious students, Johannesburg offers many fun activities to keep in shape during their stay at Swanage.

Healthy Eating

Johannesburg is home to a plethora of restaurants particularly aimed at Health consciousness, most are less than 15 minutes from Swanage. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the culture found in and around Johannesburg and explore the delicious buffet of food styles.


For students looking for high intensity workouts, there are many commercial and private gyms located near Swanage. Emet Gyms is one of the closest gyms to Swanage, and there is also a commercial Virgin active in Nearby Belfour Park. Virgin Active Old Ed’s is perfect for students and is on the way home from the hospital.


There are two golf courses near Swanage that are perfect for that daily jog or cycle. The Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Club, and Huddle Park Golf course offer a safe and relaxing natural environment to take a leisurely stroll, or even an intense run.