New Swanage Website

Welcome to Swanage. Recently Dr. Alan Peter embarked on a mission to update the Swanage website, to increase the awareness of the beautiful home he has created for past and potential medical elective students. The original website was created by a group of overwhelmingly happy medical students that spent some time with Alan at their “Home away from home.” These students did such an outstanding job that they are mentioned on the front page of the website, a tribute that speaks nothing more than the truth of the kind of attitude Alan has towards his guests.

Swanage has been home to hundreds of students over the years, and Alan hopes to accommodate many more students in years to come. Thus Alan has embarked on a digital journey that, with a little luck, will increase awareness of his home, and fill it’s rooms with Many more international medical Elective Students, and the warmth and laughter they bring with them.

Social Media Strategy

Friends of Alan’s, can expect to see more content generation on his site with the implementation of the
“Swanage Blog” as well as a Facebook strategy that will leverage the networking power that Facebook brings. As is true to Alan’s nature, he has not excluded his guests, even from his website. Guests, both past and present, are encouraged to fill in the new digital “Swanage Guestbook”. This has the two fold benefit of the sharing of information amongst the global Medical Elective Community, and the excitement that comes with leaving one’s mark on the great World wide web.

Plans for the Future

Dr. Alan has always organized and encouraged a variety of activities to enrich the experience of his “Swans” during their stay in Johannesburg. These include, as mentioned on the site in numerous places, BBQ (Braais), trips to Pilansberg, Various parties and meals, and many other events. The intention behind the blog is not only to generate content for the site, but to tell a story of the kind of experience one can expect to have at Swanage. For this reason Alan plans to write about these events, be they upcoming or past, as well as to include and share stories from his guests, colleagues, and friends.

I hope you are all as excited as we are about the future of Swanage, and the many students to travel through the halls of this great home.

Thank you Dr. Alan for trusting Cloud Matrix with your web development and hosting. We look forwards to a long and happy relationship with you, and we hope to give you the exposure that you and your home so greatly deserve.